Please allow a simple introduction: my name is Ruth Anderson. Having retired after almost 25 years in public school administration, I have been on the most amazing journey of rediscovering self and more importantly, listening to Spirit. My personal narrative called One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic is my acknowledgment of this journey.

This is a journey that began with friendship. It was one of those friendships that was closer than family, fed me when my soul was hungry, and meant more to me than life itself. I am not sure that everyone gets to experience that level of soul connection during their life time. But for those of us who do, we are deeply blessed.

I greatly appreciated that soul connection with my best friend Sylvia. After 23 years of closeness that defied human understanding, Sylvia passed away from stomach cancer. I was at her side as her soul transitioned to be with her loved ones. I thought that my world ended then and there.

As I picked up the shattered pieces of my existence, I held onto the last gift that Sylvia gave me: the need to understand intuitive abilities that she showed me possessed during her illness and after her death. My journey of accepting and developing intuitive gifts has led me to finding and living my soul’s purpose of teaching and healing through spiritual divinity. Having earned the title of Reverend, I have been given a ministry of witnessing and participating in healing of souls with and without bodies on the spiritual realm. I have even been gifted the amazing privilege of being with Sylvia again, but this time on the ethereal realm.

The Calling

With good company, I share concerns about the climate in which we find ourselves living. I have dedicated myself to stand as my own personal “Renaissance of One” to combat the hate, bigotry, and other forms of low level energy emanating from our current government administration. In juxtaposition of current anti-humane sentiments, my task is to spread the healing grace of God’s love through the writings of One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic in whatever means I possibly can, to as many souls as possible.

The Ministry

Along those lines, in meditation I have been shown that “Open Clinics” of divine healing for souls with and without bodies are to become a reality in the physical realm on earth, as it is now on the spiritual realm. Spirit is pushing me past every comfort zone I have on this one, yet I am dedicated to working toward making that a reality.  In a series of meditation style workshops, participants will have the opportunity to experience the presence of the Divine Mother and Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabrielle. The intent of the “Divine Healing at Open Clinic” sessions is to make the healing grace of the divine accessible to people in the earthly realm.  I have been promised that if I facilitate bringing people together, that the divine healers will be there, and that they will assist in healing on the emotional, spiritual and energetic levels. If you feel so moved, I welcome your participation on this journey!

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