Open Clinic: #1 One Love

In hindsight, I did not know that I was being prepped for Open Clinic.  During meditation in late February, 2016 I was energetically escorted and taken up through our blue sky, out of our atmosphere and into the black of the universe. I had no fear and knew that at any moment I could come back and ground myself.  I was taken to and experienced an incredibly bright, white light, so white that mere words cannot describe it.  I was told that it was ONE LOVE. I wanted desperately to understand more, but I was brought back to my physical plane. Each day I was shown and taught a little more.

Looking back on it, the month of March was spent teaching me about ONE LOVE. During meditation I would be energetically escorted and I would float upwards and into ONE LOVE.  Each time I went, I was automatically very energized, yet at the same time, at peace. I felt such calm, unconditional love, and a sense that all was right in my body and world. Frankly, there were times I just wanted to stay and not come back to the reality of my life in this physical world.

I was hungry to understand what I was experiencing.  While with ONE LOVE, I felt like I was having my own personal communication with God.  It must be God, because nothing else could be so all encompassing, accepting or loving.

I wanted to have words to describe it.  I heard the words: “One Planet. One God.” I wrestled with, but understood, that there really is only one God, regardless of the religious delineations and titles (Catholic, Baptist, etc,) man has created in the name of religious freedom.  I saw that all of the different religious sectors that worship a loving God are in fact “gateway religions” and all are worshipping one power, one force, one God.

I saw that ONE LOVE is the all encompassing God, Source, or Divinity of Open Clinic.

Guiding Principles

I was given the following tenets of ONE LOVE:

* ONE LOVE is of God.

* I can access ONE LOVE by myself.  I can go there.

* A person is taken spiritually or energetically up to ONE LOVE.

* ONE LOVE healing energy can be brought down to a person.

* ONE LOVE may be brought down and used on many people at one time.

* ONE LOVE cannot do harm.

* ONE LOVE may be used on someone without their express permission. Meaning, if there is a natural or manmade disaster, one can provide ONE LOVE healing to an individual or the masses without express permission.

* If someone shows up spiritually, I may assume that they want the healing from ONE LOVE.

* Souls and people will be able to experience ONE LOVE without my taking them there.

* People will not be able to experience ONE LOVE simply by reading this website.

I was escorted energetically out into the universe on a timeline of my life.  I was taken out to before my time and told that this was my soul’s purpose that I had signed up for… to write and educate about ONE LOVE.  ONE LOVE is of God. I am to teach and heal using ONE LOVE.

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