Open Clinic: #4 Who’s Who

Meet The Healers & Healing Energies

When I enter Open Clinic, I don my minister’s robe and then say my hello’s to my spirit guides, starting with Divine Mother.  She is always behind me over my left shoulder. Known as Mother Earth, or Mary, the Divine mother of Jesus, Divine Mother encompasses nature, heaven and earth. She brings an all embracing, all consuming love to her healing.  If you have felt the love of Divine Mother once, you will want to over and over again.

Reiki is always to Divine Mother’s right. Reiki is an ancient healing art form.  Reiki is a masculine presence and is always present during Open Clinic. Reiki can provide a blanket-like calm to a situation, can provide physical, emotional or energetic healing and clear stagnant energy in the home or business.

Next to Reiki on his right is Man of God.  Man of God came to me as a non-denominational healer. I am not exactly sure what role in healing Man of God assists with, but I do know that He is at every Open Clinic. I believe that His presence helps ensure that the healing sessions are respectful, love filled, and only of high level vibrational frequencies.

Christ-Force stands to the right of Man of God during Open Clinic.  He is a male being that originally came to me wheeling a wheelbarrow with a crucifix in it.  He chose to be called Christ-Force and heals using Christ-Force energy, a clear white energetic light. After receiving Christ-Force energy, the recipient feels pure acceptance, compassion and love.

To the right of Christ-Force and directly behind me is Archangel Raphael, a supreme healer. Archangel Raphael is also called upon to help people why they are traveling. Archangel Raphael is recognized in both Christianity and Judaism. I have seen him heal souls in Open Clinic and have had the privilege of being taught lessons by him.

To his right is Archangel Gabriel, a female muse for creativity and writing who is associated with the scribe archetype (as described by Carolyn Myss). Every time I stop to say hello to Archangel Gabriel, I know I need to devote some time, as being a muse she inevitably gets me thinking about the myriad of things I could be writing about, creating, or studying.  She really is quite amazing at motivating me!  Time spent with her is timeless, meaning I completely lose track of time and am amazed when 30 minutes or so has passed.  Some days I know I need to say hello and move on quickly as I just don’t have the time to devote to writing or to one of her other creative ideas.  A few more hours in the day would be required to do everything she is showing me.

To the right of Archangel Gabriel is Archangel Michael, the first angel I was introduced to.  He is a very large, strong masculine presence who is a supreme healer who also assists souls to transition after death.  Every time I have called upon him, I have felt his wisdom, compassion, healing and protection.

To the right of Archangel Michael and behind my right shoulder is Healing Master Doc (for emotional healing and healing of the chakras) followed by Psychic Surgeon Skip (for healing to the physical body).  (May, 2016, Doc appeared to be ready to transition out, so he was happily replaced with my first Healing Master, “Peas,” and my original Psychic Surgeon, “Caw.”  They stand in the line-up where Doc used to be, next to Skip.)

To Skip’s right is Rosa, an Indian Spirit Guide I have had with me since birth.  Rosa is an older Indian woman with grayish white hair.  She is my connection to the lower world, which is not to be confused with Hell, and has shared insights with me about one of my past lives.

Completing the guides, Doris is an older female presence who oversees my Akashic Records. The Akashic Records, sometimes called “The Book of Life” refer to a central database of all information (every word, thought or action) that is stored energetically and encoded for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. Through courses I have learned how to call on my Akashic Record Keeper, Doris when I desire to access or change my records.  Doris will also assist me with healing when someone else’s Akashic record keeper needs to know how to change their Akashic records.

Each of the spirit guides seems to have their assigned places, and so far that has never varied.

My familiarity with each of the spirit guides differs.  I can always expect a warm embrace from Divine Mother, Reiki, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael, Peas, Caw, Rosa and Doris. The others remain a little more detached and give me a more formal greeting.

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