Open Clinic: #5 Stories From the Inside

Spirits & Their Healing Journeys

I don’t understand the communication network that notifies souls about Open Clinic. Again, I think spirit shares with spirit that there is healing available and they just come. I have stopped trying to make it make sense; rather I just accept it as fact and marvel at who shows up.

Love Lost

In Open Clinic I saw the spirit of an Asian young man whose girlfriend had taken her life. Also Asian, she had struggled with unworthiness and despair caused from years of being told she was an abject failure in the eyes of her parents. The situation was inflamed by her parents’ disapproval of her boyfriend. Although she was legally an adult and in college, she desperately sought her parent’s approval, not only for her sense of self, but for their status in the community and their financial support. A horrendous confrontation ensued with her parents yelling, belittling and shaming her. They threatened to disown her if she continued the relationship with her boyfriend. Unwilling to leave him and unable to bear any more grief, she ended her pain by slitting her wrists.

Completely despondent, her boyfriend was in Open Clinic in spirit trying to decide if he should take his life as well. He could not imagine continuing his life without her, his grief was overwhelming and his anger was paramount.  My spirit guides surrounded him with healing love; he eventually decided to return to his body on earth.

Fortune Cookies

One evening, I enjoyed a meal of Chinese food with my family.  Carefully picking out my fortune cookie, I opened it and it read, “Joy will return with the return of a good friend.” Cool! I was having fun thinking which friends I hadn’t seen in awhile!  LOL

The next morning, I was beyond delighted to see that my dearest friends, Sylvia and her husband Cliff both showed up in Open Clinic!  Cliff passed away in 2010 and Sylvia in 2013 and I have missed them terribly!  I went to them, and embraced them crying, both in spirit and in person.  Divine Mother came to us and I introduced them.  She gave Both Sylvia and Cliff a hug, and I thought it because she could see what they mean to me, but maybe it was because of what they mean to her?  She gave Sylvia a healing on the trauma from her terminal cancer and gave Cliff a healing from his heart failure and traumatic death.   Sylvia put a round red glass-like bead on the lapel of my minister’s robe. (What a blessed treasure!)

Then Divine Mother escorted them personally away.  I was very sad to see them go, but also delighted for the time that we had been together again.  I knew in my heart of hearts that they had not been lingering aimlessly, but had been securely in the Cathedral of Souls.

I asked Divine Mother to take me to the place she had taken Sylvia and Cliff.  She took me to the gates of the Cathedral of Souls and we entered together.  I had a little trepidation thinking that a soul with a physical body would not be allowed in, but that was not the case.  I guess if Divine Mother takes you inside, who is going to stop her?   Inside, I saw Sylvia and Cliff, and it felt like they had left there to come be with me in Open Clinic.  They were with others whom I have loved and lost in the physical: my grandparents on both sides of my family, my cousin Joey and my friend Parker.  I truly reconnected with my friends and family and it brought me great joy, just as my fortune cookie predicted (!).

I looked down at my minister’s robe and saw that one row of round, chakra colored, glass-like beads approximately 1½” in diameter had been added around the hem of the robe.  As much as I wanted to stay, Divine Mother told me to go spend time in my body with my family and friends on Earth. She then escorted me back to Open Clinic.


In Open Clinic I saw a young father who was in a living body, who was there with his four year old son suffering from an anaphylactic allergic reaction.  The father was giving CPR to his son.  I could feel the father’s panic as I could see that his son’s spirit was slipping away.  As the son’s body stopped responding to the CPR, the healing needing to take place now was for the father.  Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael surrounded the two as the drama unfolded.  After a few minutes, I watched as the archangels flew off with the spirit of the toddler while the father flew off as a dove back to his body on earth.

Love is Love… in Life or Death

Two of my living friends showed up in Open Clinic this morning.  Phil was curious and left after receiving a healing on his knees. Cassandra came and met up with her mother who passed away several years ago.

Looking out over Open Clinic I saw a 16 year old who had just died in the hospital as the result of a car accident. She had been escorted to Open Clinic by a handful of her still living girlfriends; her spirit was a grayish mass and was completely surrounded by their white dove spirits.  It was clear that these loving souls had been surrounding her at the moment of death and had such a bond that they sought to help facilitate a safe transition and were protecting her even in death.  Archangel Michael met them, received her and helped her to move on.  Grieving, yet satisfied, the girlfriends flew as doves back to earth.  Observing the love between these friends brought tears to my eyes. This was a new one for me. I was accustomed to the idea of loved ones who had already passed on meeting at a deathbed to accompany a soul, but I had never thought about souls with bodies assisting a loved one to pass on.

Ministry through Intercession

In Open Clinic I heard laughing. Was it clowns? People who laughed and joked but were hiding their own intense pain? No, this was maniacal laughter. These were souls of people who had really been compromised emotionally and mentally; in layman’s terms I would describe them as criminally insane. Why were they here in Open Clinic? I saw that they had murdered others as a result of their mental illness and were estranged from any kind of connection with God.

I observed as in spirit I immediately jumped down and stood right next to them and tried to send God’s healing energy.  As a result I was stepping in dark sludge and getting totally covered in brown energetic gunk.  My guides pulled me back up to the dais and cleaned me off. They explained that I would be more effective by holding space and sending healing from afar. They showed me how to help by shifting energy in the minds of these souls in order to free up the distorted thinking that was keeping them from knowing God. This shifting of energy allowed God’s energy to have direct access in order to provide healing.

Isn’t God capable of simply providing healing to every soul? I assume so. Why doesn’t God just heal every soul without intercession, or the act of a person intervening or praying on behalf of another? I don’t know. Why would God wait for a soul to show up at Open Clinic before providing a healing? I don’t know. I just know that by these souls showing up at Open Clinic and receiving a healing, energy shifted in their crown chakras and Divine healing then took place.

The Ministry.  I now understand another facet of my ministry; shifting energy when a person or soul cannot shift energy on their own, which helps to provide transformation so Divine healing can occur.

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