Open Clinic: #6 Life Lessons on Judgement

My Own Learning on the Journey

I have learned a great deal by taking note of what happens during Open Clinic.  I have no question that lessons are provided for my own personal growth as well as spiritual and energetic healing for others.

Your Jail of My Making

At Open Clinic I was presented with a wooden dresser drawer to look through.  Even more interesting, as I held it, the drawer became life-sized. Not sure what to expect, I started looking through the contents. I saw trapped souls.  Were they in jail? No. Hospitalized in a mental institution? No.

These trapped souls were all living people that I know! What? I don’t understand. I saw that they had all been trapped by my own words or perceptions over the years! I was shown that when I spoke of someone in a critical or judgmental way, I condemned the person to be stuck in my perceptions of them as if they had remained exactly the same even though time had passed.  By repeating their stories or continuing to see them in an unfavorable light, I did not allow them the grace to be in real time, or recognize their freedom to change, grow and evolve.

Reminder to myself: do not speak ill of anyone, because that action was in the past; the person may have changed considerably since that incident, and I need to respect, honor and encourage that. Every morning, each one of us wakes up with infinite possibilities to re-create who we are and who we want to become. Surely I want others to see me and know me for who I am in real time, and not who I used to be in the past.

Oh, Baby

Open Clinic was full of very small grayish souls this morning. I looked closely and saw that they were aborted fetuses. I went forward to be with them and I asked, “What was that like? Will that experience carry with you as you move forward from life to life?” I very clearly heard the words, “I forgot to know.” I took that to mean that these souls would not carry grief or trauma to their next lives as a result of the aborted pregnancies.  Each of them had an angel come love them and carry them off.

I asked if we could please give a healing to all of the souls of the babies that had been aborted. They could not all fit into Open Clinic, so they stayed where they had been residing in space and received healing. Then thousands of angels came, one for each baby soul, and took them off, heading to the Cathedral of Souls. Will there be an energetic shift in that realm as a result of removing all of these young souls?

One soul stayed as the others were taken out.  Why was this soul still here? What was I to see or learn from this little one? Then I saw the face of this baby’s parents.  I did not know the mother, but I immediately recognized the father as someone I have known for some time.  Years ago I had heard the story of the unplanned pregnancy which took place in college. I heard how the mother had the baby aborted without much discussion; my friend not having a say in the decision that would affect all of their futures. He described the ensuing grief and imminent breakup of their relationship.  I felt the father’s genuine sadness as he wondered through the years about the child he would never know.

And here I was with the beautiful male soul that had been let go all of those years back. I held it. Knowing the loss that the father had suffered, I held it longer and closer. I realized that the loss of this soul from our planet was also my loss, as I very well might have known him through his father had he been born.

I asked that this little one receive a special healing. As he was receiving the healing, his energy as soul started to get larger, and started to look older. Is this soul ready to be in a body now? I felt the pain of the mother’s and father’s sadness and grief. Was there just a shift in energy that allowed healing for both this baby’s soul and the parents?

Where does my judgment about the circumstances enter in? I realized that it doesn’t. A minister at church blesses the souls in front of him, but does not curse the person who caused the hurt.

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