Intuitive Readings

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It just means the damage no longer controls our lives.”

Please allow me to craft a reading/healing session designed to meet your needs and to assist you in energetic healing and personal transformation.  I rely on spirit to spirit communication, Reiki and intuitive reading and healing techniques to address your questions, concerns and areas of desired growth. As an intuitive medium, I offer peace and clarity with my skillful communication with deceased loved ones.

Healing might include chakra and aura clearing, accessing and updating your akashic records into current time, and calling on the Divine Mother and the archangels to incorporate body, mind, spirit and soul.

As a result of an energetic healing, you may experience a shift in your energy leading to greater peace, comfort or understanding. You may even experience tears of grief or unadulterated joy. Each healing is Spirit driven and explicitly your own.

The rate for a Personal Reading is $150 per session. Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes in length.


Intuitive Readings:

  • “My time spent with you was life changing. It was so healing and marvelous.”  -NT
  • “Amazing, Ruth. Gratitude! You have a gift. All of your insights are so accurate and deep!”  -RF
  • “Your sharing this was needed healing. I’m speechless. Thank you.”  -SY
  • “Thanks for your profound sharing! I am moved by your generous insights!”  -PS
  • “I meant to give you some validation that all your points in my reading were right on!”  -SS
  • “I always get a lot of insight into what you tell me. You can see into me way better than I can reflect!” It’s funny because I can see into others, but not so well into myself!  -FT
  • “Erika said you were spot on with your reading! She loved it!”  -KS


  • “I can’t believe you saw my problems with menopause! I was going to call my doctor today because it has been really rough! I haven’t told anyone… how did you know?”  -DM
  • “You began with my head and face and I felt tension release like a wash. That feeling continued and I almost fell asleep from total relaxation. Thank you!  -LM
  • “I haven’t had that pinching between my shoulders since you gave me Reiki two weeks ago. I don’t know how you did it! Thank you so much!  -SH
  • “When you were doing Reiki, it cleared my sinuses! I had not been able to breathe through my nose due to this cold! My sinuses have been clear for three days now! Thank you!”  -SW
  • “Thanks for all the healing work! I do feel a strong sense of calm. You really have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me!”  -RD
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