Home and Business Clearing


Why limit energy work to just yourself and your pets? Stagnant and unwelcome energies can create disturbances in the energy flow and result in stress, and undesirable patterns of communication and behavior. Sometimes low level energies in a building can have a subtle, yet insidious effect, and other times a more dramatic and obvious impact.

I can assist you in liberating and energizing your home or business by using Reiki, and clairvoyant clearing and healing techniques. The typical results of home and business clearing are increased productivity, increased communication and improved emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Areas that are addressed in property clearing include:

* Low frequency energies

* Spirit presences

* Strong emotional imprints

* Energy vortex and portals

* Desired energetic programming of the living or work space

The rate for a Home Clearing is $200 per session. Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes in length.

Sessions to discuss energy affecting a business typically range in length from 60-120 minutes, depending if there are multiple business partners. The rate for a Business Clearing is $250 per session.

House Clearing Testimonials

“Before you worked on my house, my kitties would not go into the basement at all.  It was as if there was something down there that they were really afraid of.  Now they are very comfortable living in the whole house!”  -MT

“The house cleanse was awesome! Very insightful!  I can really feel the difference in my art studio and in my painting.  The increase in my creativity and painting is the result of the work you did in my home…  I have been taking art classes and signed up for a watercolor exhibition. This was so great!”  -HH


Business Clearing Testimonials

“We are so appreciative of your energy work! The business clearing was wonderful!  After the first session, it was as if our business exploded!  We started receiving so many requests for work we had to start turning people away.  We are actually looking to bring someone else on to help us take on more clients!  I want to understand more about how this Reiki energy works.”  -CC


“I loved working with Ruth and will be telling my friends to call her. I thought we were going to be working on my business, but instead we worked on the biggest block to my business… me. Ruth was so calm and personable. It felt very safe to share how I felt and look at my past and how it was affecting me personally and in my work. Our time together was invaluable.” -HR

“Time with Ruth was money well spent! She provided the setting for and facilitated a difficult conversation between my business partner and myself. She stated exactly what the issues were and how I was feeling. She nailed it!”  -BC


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