From the Archangels

Excerpt from: One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic


I have had truly amazing opportunities to touch the Divine through the archangels, to hear their words, to watch them actively healing souls, and to learn life lessons at their feet. This book has been compiled to share those lessons with other people. Is there a way to let my guides share directly their message with others? Yes, I think so. What if I devoted space to allow each of my guides to share what they wanted people to know?

I sat down with the intention of meeting with each guide one on one. When I approached them, there was general approval for the idea. I soon understood that my personal guides were just that: my personal guides. They had no message for the masses. The archangels and Divine Mother, however, welcomed the opportunity.

Archangel Michael

The one who seemed to be the most excited was Archangel Michael. I had to wait about ten minutes after I thought of the idea before I could sit down and get started. During those ten minutes, there was a great deal of buzzing, frenetic energy around me; it only stopped once I sat down and began listening to Michael.

He showed me his wings; they were huge, twice the size they normally were. I saw the detail of each feather, the large as well as the small in front of me; then the en- tire wing. I saw gray, a lot of dark gray.

This is what he said:

Love one another.

He showed me that he sees so much hurt and despair that humans put on each other.

It doesn’t need to be that way. The world is a difficult place.

If people knew that they had an angel they could rely on, there would not be so much hate.

Hate is people’s fear that they are alone. But they don’t have to be alone.

Look outside of yourself. Look to a spiritual entity outside of you. God created us so you never need to be alone. We are here to be with you.

Keep us busy.

Don’t limit my abilities, my power, by what you think I am capable of doing. If you don’t call on me, then you will never know what I can do.

There are a multitude of angels waiting to love you, waiting to help. You don’t have to rely on yourself.

Teach your children to look for angels. There are angels that work specifically with children. They are smaller in stature so as not to scare them.

If your child is afraid, you might ask for angels to fill the room, to calm and protect.

Ask for an angel sprite to watch over your baby, to love it, and amuse it.

Ask for an angel to sit with the elderly while they are feel- ing alone in their apartment or nursing home.

There are enough angels to go around.


Archangel Raphael

I saw a dark brown color the whole time I was hearing from Archangel Raphael.

He said:

The heart.
Let all your dealings be made through your heart. Every conversation with others, speak from your heart.

Live through your heart.

Live your life as if your heart is the captain making your decisions for you.

Your heart is the captain, your soul is the compass, your soul’s purpose is your map.

Let others be the beneficiaries of your benevolence.


Archangel Gabriel

I saw a vibrant orange-red with a splash of pink while Gabriel was talking.

She said:

If an idea comes to you, act on it. Write it down. If you don’t, you will need to remember it, or it will be gone. Once you have acted on the first thought, another thought will come. Act on it. Write it down.

And then another will come and then another. An inability to act on the first thought stops further thoughts from coming in.

Trust in your ability to create. Create for the world to see you. Not for payment, not for the approval of others, but so the world can see you.

Be creative using vibrant, joyful life. Feel and love deeply.
Live in color.
Live through color.

Be brave and find your voice.
Sing with all your glory.
Don’t just feel passionately, but exude passion.
Let your passion push yourself to the edge, which then gives you a new edge to push toward.

You are the only one who can do what you do, so do it.

Look around you and be inspired by the colors, not once, but many times a day. There is healing in the leaves, the grasses, and the waters of the ocean. In- hale the color; let it flow through you. Exhale to re- new the flow and send it positively out to the world so others can heal.

Share your gifts with others as your soul would have you do.

Healing exists in the colors of music.


Divine Mother

Divine Mother showed me pictures as she was talking. She started by showing me a glimpse of my good friend, Denice.

Friendship… that one friend you can count on to let you be you, to share yourself and laugh with. That one friend that makes you feel you are home. That is love.

Find that friendship, that love, in the beauty that surrounds you.

In the purple flowers in the field, in the gold wheat that shimmers in the sun light,
and the dew on the new,

light green grass in the spring.

Find that friendship in nature while you are walking in the field at night, in the light of the moon. See the stars. Feel the cool crunch of the plants underfoot. See a field mouse skitter by your foot.

We all belong on this planet together: nature, earth, moon, sun.
Find love in your heart to care for nature.
Find love and joy in each other.

Envelop yourself in peace and calm in your heart. Exhale.
Love Christ. Love God.
The most important thing in your life is the love of God.

God shows himself in the greens in the grass, the gold of the hay,

in the innocence of animals, the mystery of night.

Love God, for in the end, that is all that matters. All loving. All love.
All encompassing.
All love. All love. God.

From behind, I saw her stretch out her arms in reverence to God.

White light.
White healing light.
White golden healing light. Purity of all love.
The songs of the angels.

I could hear angels singing.

After life, all are at one with the angels. Chorus of beings.
Joy. White light.

Freedom in exulted joy.
Freedom of the soul in exulted joy.

Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, non-denominational. It doesn’t matter.

God is one.
God is love.
One Love. One Love.

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