One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic

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Imagine standing in divine healing light and knowing, truly knowing, that there is life after life.

One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic
by Ruth Anderson

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Losing her best friend to cancer, Ruth’s latent intuitive abilities resurface and lead her on an inadvertent journey to discover her soul’s purpose. Through divine guidance, she transitions from reluctant psychic to clairvoyant student, and finally embraces her earned title of Reverend. Major life lessons include past lives and One Love, a nondenominational God, or Source of love and light. Working with Archangels and spirit guides, her ministry includes Open Clinic, a place of healing on a spiritual realm, for souls with and without bodies. Written as a collection of vignettes, this personal narrative is full of spirit-led wisdom, love and wonder.

One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic will transform the way you think about life, death, and your soul’s existence here on earth.

Ruth is available to speak with book groups, attend speaking engagements, or facilitate individual, or group energetic healing sessions.



One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic is a two time award winner at CIPA EVVY.

*Merit Award for the category of Inspirational.

*Third Place Award for Religion & Spirituality


Praise for One Love


*I got this book as a gift for my wife, and I started to read it and just couldn’t put it down. I’ve been in a lot of old houses that I’ve been remodeling, and I’ve felt energies around me and had things happen that couldn’t be explained. I recently lost a business associate who had taken up with someone who I think had very dark energy. He died suddenly, and this book gave me a pleasant surprise into the spiritual energies that are around us. Now I’m ready to share my new knowledge with close friends who are struggling with the loss of loved ones.     -Curt Hale


*One Love offers a peek into the realm beyond and gives us the peace of knowing that our souls are connected even after life on earth. This was impactful, inspirational, and moving; a must read.     -Denice Choka, MBA Director of Human Resources, Leanin’ Tree


*I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ruth’s journey as she explored her recently discovered clairvoyant abilities and worked with archangels to heal lost souls. I found a new depth and understanding of my own spirituality through One Love, and a longing to learn even more!     -Kathy Silbert, LMT, NMT Intuitive


*One Love is a brave and nuanced body of writing, challenging the time-space continuum. It’s perceptions and manifestation of spirit beings invite us to examine our constructs of life and death. Ruth’s narrative is a courageous exploration of her spiritual journey; her memoir provides a very moving, inspirational reflection of her personal struggles and victories in the spiritual realm. Ruth generously shares her experiences and her gift of intuitive healing. She illustrates the depth of healing we can all access if we are open to it.     -Constance Frank, LCSW Social Worker


*Wow! One Love was a very captivating read! I didn’t want to put it down; each story left me more and more intrigued and wanting to see where Ruth’s journey would lead. I didn’t want it to end! The experiences that Ruth described at Open Clinic were amazing. Her description of each story was so detailed, I could see them each clearly and felt the emotions in each one. The last chapter with the messages from the Divine Mother and the Archangels was fascinating and really spoke to me. Ruth is truly gifted: her wisdom and healing are extraordinary. Her book is amazing!     -Hillary Dunford Intuitive


*Many of our everyday actions and encounters are assumed to be merely unique coincidences or happenstance. One Love shows us this may not be the case. With keen insight, appreciated humor, unassuming questioning and admirable vulnerability, Anderson shares her clear and candid journey of spiritual understanding and transformation. In the process of honestly telling her story, readers are left with enlightening and inspiring lessons and aha’s.     -Donna M. Sobel, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Center for Faculty Development University of Colorado Denver


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