Animal Communication and Healing


Every animal, no matter how small, has a soul, feelings, and is able to communicate with those who have honed the ability to read energy. I am so pleased to be able to communicate and offer healing on a spiritual and energetic level, including Reiki, chakra clearing, and updating the Akashic Records.  I receive information by seeing mental pictures, hearing words or thoughts, and feeling emotions or physical sensations. I have enjoyed seeing a myriad of animal personalities, almost as varied as those of people. My sessions with animals have included dogs, cats, horses, fish, birds, hamsters, turtles, geese, squirrels, goats, and rabbits. Sessions typically run approximately one hour in length.

Communicating with your pet can answer questions or concerns you might have:

* I am considering putting my dog down; is he ready to pass on?

* We are considering getting a new puppy. Which of these two puppies is a better fit for our family?

* There is a lot of stress in our home. Is this impacting our animals?

* I feel like my dog is part of my soul. Have we had past lives together?

* I am hoping to communicate with my cat who passed away. Did I make the right decisions? Is she still nearby?

The rate for an Animal Communication and Healing session is $150. Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes in length.


Testimonials for Animal Communication and Healing

“Thanks for reading the dogs!!!! That makes complete sense!”  -KK

“You are so incredibly kind to have done a reading on our sweet kitties.  There has been a shift in Doodie.  She seems calmer and a bit more relaxed.  Gustavo is less aggressive with her.  He seems more respectful.  Thank you for your time and energy with them!”  -JF

“Thank you for reading my kitties and giving me suggestions. I am going to move Maggie’s food dish and give her more time just with me like you suggested. You really pegged their personalities!”   -RG

“Thank you for letting me know that Chanel was at peace about dying. It made her passing so much easier for us. We held her as she slipped away.”   -DM  

“When given the choice between Bart and Marney, you were right that she was the better fit for our family. She is already a member of our home. It is as if she always belonged with us.”   -SA

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