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I have been given the gift of a beautiful ministry. Once I completed a year-long clairvoyant program resulting in becoming a Reverend, I was introduced to the concept of what I call “Open Clinic.” Open clinic is a place for spiritual healing. It is not however, a clinic with a physical location that one can access in person. I was first introduced to Open Clinic in February, 2016 during meditation. I do spiritual energy work with a cadre of Healing Guides and Archangels in order to provide healings.

I enter Open Clinic through meditation to do the spiritual energy work. I never know what spirits or beings will be waiting for me or what they will be needing.  Some of the souls I see are animals, but the majority of them are human.  Some of the beings still have a body on earth, but many of them have already transitioned.

Some of the souls in Open Clinic desire healing of a physical or emotional trauma with the spiritual energy work.  Some need assistance with passing over.  Some are seeking a connection to a loving, non denominational God.  Others are seeking my willingness to reach out to a living loved one.

My hope is that my experiences will benefit you in your own journey!

My experiences in open clinic are journaled in this Open Clinic blog, read more about Open Clinic here. If this journey speaks to you, please follow along on the blog. If you have any questions regarding Open Clinic, please do not hesitate to email me through the contact tab above.

Imagine standing in divine healing light and knowing, truly knowing, that there is life after life.

One Love: The healing at open clinic Ruth Anderson

One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic
by Ruth Anderson

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